Anti-Doping Education Focus Essential

  • 17Nov2016

It is essential for anti-doping education in this country to be ongoing. Our athletic program is broad. It stretches from north to south over the

Our elite athletes are fully aware of the international anti-doping code signed on to by most countries of the world. They understand from personal
experiences the testing process and the importance of an anti-doping program to ensure as best as is possible, fair competition.

Junior athletes from The Bahamas who have been engaging in regional and international sports, know of The world anti-doping mission as well. So; do
our student/athletes who are involved in programs in their respective institutions abroad.

It must be recognized though that the majority of the locally-based young (and some older) athletes who have not been afforded the necessary
exposure, know very little or nothing about the anti-doping program.

Well, there is an organization called The Bahamas Anti-Doping Commission. It is of course, a most recent development, so it figures that an
educational program would be high on the BADC’s agenda.

Charged with leading the educational thrust of the BADC is Dr. Patti Symonette. She had the opportunity recently to provide information about
anti-doping to a group of young ladies. Reference is to the national U-17 female soccer squad.

Dr. Symonette conducted a seminar upon the request of the Bahamas Football Association. It was a well-timed event. The team is about to embark on the
most significant soccer venture in the history of The Bahamas.



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