What are the penalties or sanctions for Anti-Doping Rules Violations?

There are slightly differing penalties/sanctions for individuals and teams. For a better understanding see below:

  • Disqualification of results in an event during which an Anti-Doping Rules violation occurred.
  • Suspension or the imposition of ineligibility for a period to be determined by BADC, depending upon the severity of the infraction.
  • Reprimand and no period of eligibility, if the Athlete can establish how a specified substance entered his or her body (or came into his or her possession) and that the substance was not to enhance the Athlete’s sports performance or mask the use of a performance-enhancing substance (note that this may apply to first offences only).

How do the Rules apply to Team Sports?

  • Where more than one member of a team in a Team Sport has been notified of a possible Anti-Doping Rule violation, the ruling body for the event may call for Target Testing of the Team during the period of the event or competition.  Note that Target Testing is defined as a process involving the selection for testing of specific Athletes or groups of Athletes on a non-random basis at a specified time.
  • If more than two members of a Team in a Team Sport are found to have committed an Anti-Doping Rule Violation during the period of a Competition or an Event, the Ruling Body of the Competition/Event may impose an appropriate sanction on the Team.  This Sanction may result in a loss of points, disqualification, etc., in addition to any Sanctions imposed upon the individual athlete(s) committing the Anti-Doping Rules Violation.

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