BADC Meets with Federations

  • 17Nov2016


SAM HAVEN, left, treasurer and managing director for the Bahamas Anti-Doping Commission gives his presentation to federations at an early November meeting. BADC Chairman Dr. Jerome Lightbourne is at centre and Sharon Storr of the Bahamas Basketball Federation is at right. Representatives not pictured are David Capron of Bowling, Dr. Kevin Bowe of swimming, Shirley Mireault of cycling and Lawrence Hepburn of American Football.

The Bahamas Anti-Doping Commission is now fully functional. Testings under its jurisdiction have already been done. Led by Chairman Dr. Jerome Lightbourne, the executive board has started to have special meetings with organizations to bring about an awareness of how it will interact on an ongoing basis with them.

A meeting with the Bahamas Olympic Committee started the process in August. In early November, Dr. Lightbourne extended welcome to representatives from five organizations, inclusive of the Bahamas Basketball Federation, the Bahamas Swimming Federation, the Bahamas Cycling Association, the Bahamas Bowling Federation and the Commonwealth American Football League.

Sharon Storr represented basketball, Dr. Kevin Bowe came for swimming, Shirley Mireault for cycling, David Capron for bowling and Lawrence Hepburn for American football.

Treasurer/Managing Director Sam Haven led the proceedings that enabled the attendees to get a thorough insight to the functions of the anti-doping control body, the responsibilities under the Anti-Doping In Sports Act of 2009, the connection with the World Anti-Doping Agency and the support panels and committees that operate under the authority of the BADC.

A lively questions and answers period followed Haven’s comprehensive presentation. In late November a BADC team traveled to Freeport, Grand Bahama to meet with the sports leaders there. An objective of the BADC is to interact with leaders of all of the sporting programs in the Family Islands.

Along with Dr. Lightbourne and Haven, the Commission is made up of Deputy Chairman/Public Relations Director Fred Sturrup, General Secretary Roscow Davies, Legal Advisor Sterling Quant, Chief Education/Training Officer Dr. Patti Symonette, Regional Representative David Morley, Doping Control Officers Coordinator Dr. Locksley Munroe and Director of Sports Timothy Munnings.



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