Dr. Lightbourne Does Double BADC Duty

  • 17Nov2016
Dr. Lightbourne Does Double BADC Duty

Bahamas Anti-Doping Commission (BADC) Chairman had a two-fold duty on Saturday March 9.

Importantly, he addressed the Doping Control Officers, under the auspices of the BADC, and emphasized the roles to be played during upcoming events, with a strong focus on the Carifta Trials and Games of late March, 2013.

He urged the DCOs to ensure that testing and educational outreach were primary as they went about their duties. The gathering of the DCOs to network with Chairman Lightbourne and other members of the Commission is essential in the overall partnership anti-doping program, geared to cement the “Clean Sports” motto. 

Dr. Lightbourne also had a session with Bahamas Swim Federation representatives. The group consisted of swimmers who made the National Carifta Team, their coaches and parents. The 2013 top regional event will be staged in Jamaica. Dr. Lightbourne was comprehensive as he provided information about the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), the BADC and the importance of the BSF signing off on the Anti-Doping in Sports Agreement.

DCO Chief Dr. Beatrice Arthur and BADC Educational Consultant Dr. Pattie Symonette gave a joint demonstration of the testing process. It is anticipated that the well-received event will lead to anti-doping workshops for coaches and parents on a much broader scale.



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