DCO’s Comments on the Recent Anti-Doping Collaboration at CYG 2017

  • 01Aug2017
DCO’s Comments on the Recent Anti-Doping Collaboration at CYG 2017

Lead Doping Control Officer 

The Commonwealth Youth Games 2017 held here in Nassau Bahamas was an excellent opportunity for the Bahamas Anti-Doping Commission along with its Commonwealth Regional and Caribbean RADO Partners to work together as a team to act as the Sample Collection Authority and offer Anti-Doping Educational Outreach for this International Major Youth Event.

Given the wealth of knowledge and experience from each individual, the team that was amassed worked very well collectively to accomplish the tasks that we had to perform. After assembling the team and everyone got a chance to meet each other, we had a brief refresher on sample collection, reminding of duties, and also what was expected for our outreach missions.

The collaboration between assembled team and CYG international medical commission staff was excellent. Each morning there was a brief update of the previous day’s activities. We discussed what was done correctly, what issues were encountered and how we could resolve and learn from them.

The coaches and athletes were very cooperative with the entire process and gave positive feedback. Also, we were able to supply neat give-a-ways and provide valuable information on the clean sports mission to the participants of CYG Bahamas 2017.

The event was a great success and showed that no matter the background of the team assembled, everyone spoke with one voice in promoting clean sports and the integrity of the anti-doping process. It was a wonderful learning experience. The work of Ms. Mona Michel and Mrs. Kristina Murray was very invaluable. A Special “Thank You” is extended to them and the hard working drivers of the Royal Bahamas Defence force that were assigned to the team. I had a wonderful time serving the BADC and RADO to make the games a successful venture and look forward to many more opportunities in the future.

Lavald0 – Bahamas Lead DCO


Jamaica DCO Officer

It was indeed a pleasure and a honor to be invited to participate in the Anti-Doping program during the recently concluded Commonwealth Youth Games in the Bahamas.

Though landing in a thunderstorm on Saturday July 15th my first impression of the Bahamas and the whole set up by the organizing committee was formed when I was greeted and welcomed by members of the Royal Bahamian Defence Force. Officer North , one of our assigned drivers went above and beyond in always being available to transport the team to and from various venues and always ensuring that we arrived at our designated assignments on time.

Our lead DCOs Jasper and  Lavaldo  – kudos to you both for putting together our assignments and ensuring that we all had the opportunity to do testing. The process went relatively smoothly and I believe the team did an excellent job in representing the Caribbean at the highest level.  My fellow DCOs (new family members) Together we were able to ACHIEVE. Well done.

Mona – to the Bahamas team we are grateful for the warm welcome and how you embraced us all . Let’s do this again soon.

To my newest family members there is an open invitation to visit the beautiful island of JAMAICA.

Again my warmest regards.

Angela  – Jamaica Doping Control Officer


Aruba DCO Officer:

First of all I want to thank BADC for the invitation for my participation as a DCO in the commonwealth youth games.

It was my first international experience as a DCO. It was an overwhelming experience. BADC formed a great and fantastic team of regional and Canadian DCO’s.

I gained a lot of knowledge of my experienced DCO.

We were a great team under supervision of Jasper and Lavaldo.

Outreach was fantastic, the athletes, coaches and trainers were excited to do the play true quiz. Some athletes were very enthusiastic and persuasive to get all the answers and some to learn more about anti doping.

There were some confusion about the schedule, but and the end, the objective was reach. Communication can be sometimes difficult, but if everyone has the same focus.

Tanera North, was a super wonderful caring person, we had so much fun with her.

Thanks again for the invitation and the experience.

As Sue said we did our work, we had lots/tons of fun, but in the right order.

I gained a lot of knowledge of different names of same fruits on the different islands like ache – Barbados,  and guinep – Bahamas.

I hope that this team can work together again in the near future.

Thanks again Mona, Christina, Krishon, Lavaldo, Jasper and Sacha.


Angelique – Aruba DCO


Canada DCO Officer:

First of all, I’d like to send out a special thank you to everyone who helped and contributed to making the Commonwealth Youth Games 2017 a fabulous success.

We had some great feedback from the athletes and their coaches. 

It has been a pleasure working with each and every one of you.  I truly loved the Bahamas. The hotel (Warwick) was excellent and certainly exceeded our expectations. 

Jasper and Lavaldo worked diligently to keep us all on schedule.  We were all energetic and worked well together. The Chief Operating Officer at the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport always says:  “Do your job, do it well, have fun and don’t mix up the order” and that is exactly what we did. 

I would also like to commend our driver, Ms.Tanera North, from the Royal Bahamas Defence Force.  She was always there for us day and night. Such a pleasant lady who made sure we were on time for our shift. 

Thanks again for thinking to invite a DCO from Canada.

 Susan – Canada Doping Control Officer


Cayman DCO  Officer

It was my pleasure working with everyone.

Like Angelique said it was a great international experience. 

Eugene Myles – Cayman DCO


Barbados  DCO  Officer

I wish to offer sincerest thanks to the BADC for extending an invitation to work at the Commonwealth Youth Games. 

The hospitality received from you, other members of the BADC, members of the CYGF, fellow DCOs, the drivers Andy and Tanera and the Bahamians with which I came into contact made my first trip to Bahamas memorable.

The experience gained both during Education Outreach and Testing at the CYG was invaluable and I appreciate all the assistance which you gave along with the Lead DCOs – Lavaldo and Jasper and other members of the Anti-Doping team.

Once again thanks to you and all those who made the trip possible and the event a success and I wish everyone the best in their future endeavours!

Patrina – Barbados Doping Control Officer  


Bermuda DCO Officer

It was indeed an honor to represent Bermuda at the Youth Commonwealth Games in Bahamas as a DCO. It was the first time Bermuda has had a representative attend and work with such experienced individuals.   I was very excited and satisfied knowing that BSADA – (Bermuda Sporting Anti-Doping Authority) is on target with testing and educating our athletes and the public on the importance of a drug free sport. As a matter of fact we are well organized in the execution of testing our athletes and adhering to the WADA rules and guidelines, but there is always room for improvement. Working with DCO’s representing other countries always allows you to learn something that will provoke new ideas and add to improvement of preventing doping in sports …….. and that’s one of the most important reasons why we do what we do. Thanks to all for the wonderful experience.      

Marionette –  Bermuda Doping Control Officer



That the BADC is responsible for making and implementing rules for controlling the occurrence of doping in sports and for carrying out the objects of The Anti-Doping in Sports Act.

These include:

1) Initiating, implementing and enforcing the Rules and the
doping control process.
2)Testing of athletes,
3)Arranging for the analysis of samples.
4)Managing test results.
5)Maintaining information on athletes and their
6)Educating all stakeholders about the consequences of
violating one or more of the Anti-Doping Rules.
7)Assessing costs for disciplinary hearings

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