Our Northern Bahamas Extension Conducts Successful Sample Collection @ BAAA Nationals Meet

  • 02Aug2017
Our  Northern Bahamas Extension Conducts Successful Sample Collection @ BAAA Nationals Meet

Over the weekend of June 23rd & 24th, the BAAA Nationals Meet was hosted on Grand Bahama.  This would be the first time that Northern Bahamas extension would conduct sample collection without the assistance of the New Providence Team.

With the current stadium not having a doping control station, we had to be creative with setting up a proper doping control station that would be paramount for the integrity of the process along with the athletes and DCOs being in a comfortable environment.  Our main tent was designated for check in and processing, a second tent was for waiting and a staging area, and a third tent was for information and outreach.

Our executive bathroom facilities allowed us to control the process of sample collection, and privacy throughout.  Each male and female bathroom was clearly marked for official anti doping use, and was manned with security to ensure that the public was not allowed access.

The event was a success for the Grand Bahama team, out of the 8 tests that were completed, 6 were new to the process.   I believe that having our athletes experience the process for the first time at home and with their fellow countrymen eased them into what to expect when competing or residing in foreign countries.  Our DCO’s showed patience, care, and professionalism through the entire process and got a great response from the athletes.

The hours of training and event experience allowed everyone to perform at an efficient and effective level.  I am encouraged that with sufficient manpower, and resources, we have proven that we can host and provide a high level of service to the mission of clean sports and anti doping in the Northern Bahamas.



That the BADC is responsible for making and implementing rules for controlling the occurrence of doping in sports and for carrying out the objects of The Anti-Doping in Sports Act.

These include:

1) Initiating, implementing and enforcing the Rules and the
doping control process.
2)Testing of athletes,
3)Arranging for the analysis of samples.
4)Managing test results.
5)Maintaining information on athletes and their
6)Educating all stakeholders about the consequences of
violating one or more of the Anti-Doping Rules.
7)Assessing costs for disciplinary hearings

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