Sports Minister Maynard Lauds Anti-Doping Commission’s Effort

  • 17Nov2016



Theresa Reynolds, centre, and Laura Hahn of the United States Anti-Doping Agency, demonstrate part of the testing process to trainees.

The Bahamas Anti-Doping Commission (BADC) received high praise from the Minister of Youth Sports and Culture at the opening of its Dope Control Training Seminar last weekend.

The Hon. Charles Maynard was effusive in his compliments, pointing out that despite a number of challenges, the Commission rose to the occasion and did a lot of work in a relatively short time.

“I have to compliment you Dr. (Jerome) Lightbourne, the chairman, you and other members of the Commission. A really good job has been done,” said Minister Maynard.

He expressed satisfaction that the Commission is fully structured with key components, the Disciplinary, the Appeals and Therapeutic panels in place.  The minister was equally impressed with the solid turnout of professional persons in the medical field who registered as trainees with the desire to be certified as Dope Control Officers.

Also, in further demonstrating full confidence in the Commission, Minister Maynard predicted that such a good job will be done in monitoring the scene, that the Disciplinary and Appeals bodies would not have any matters to deal with.


Dr. Patti Symonette, right, works with one of the trainees. Dr. Symonette is the BADC’s Director of Education.

The BADC’s Dope Control Training Seminar was staged at Breezes Superclub January 19-21 over three days. Twenty-eight trainees took part in the sessions that were conducted by representatives of the United States Anti-Doping Agency. Theresa Reynolds, the USADA’s Resources Manager and her assistant Laura Hahn were exceptional in advancing knowledge to the trainees during the seminar.

They both were satisfied with the level of understanding demonstrated by the trainees and came to the conclusion that the trainees will do positive work for the BADC as it moves forward with the “Clean Sports” theme.

Present for the seminar and providing some insight to Reynolds and Hahn in how the dope control process worked here in the past were Nurse Beatrice Arthur, Dr. Ricardo Davis and Dr. Julian Stewart. They were the lone DCOs in the country before the certification of the trainees. Nurse Arthur has been appointed Chief Doping Control Officer.

BADC Chairman Lightbourne who welcomed participants and guests at the opening ceremony on the first evening, termed the seminar successful.

“I am satisfied that the seminar was quite successful. The amount of trainees who came out and the fact that we had representation from New Providence, Grand Bahama, Abaco and Andros is proof that we’ve got a good bit of interested partners to work with as we push our program,” said Dr. Lightbourne.


That the BADC is responsible for making and implementing rules for controlling the occurrence of doping in sports and for carrying out the objects of The Anti-Doping in Sports Act.

These include:

1) Initiating, implementing and enforcing the Rules and the
doping control process.
2)Testing of athletes,
3)Arranging for the analysis of samples.
4)Managing test results.
5)Maintaining information on athletes and their
6)Educating all stakeholders about the consequences of
violating one or more of the Anti-Doping Rules.
7)Assessing costs for disciplinary hearings

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