Anti-doping body driving art/essay contest initiative for nation’s students

Originally Posted October 24, 2014 on The Nassau Guardian

The Bahamas Anti-Doping Commission (BADC) has been officially functioning for four years. It has established an excellent relationship with the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) and the Caribbean Regional Anti-Doping Organization (CRADO).

In essence, the government-appointed organization is firmly entrenched and respected as one of the strong pillars of strength in this region, engaged in the battle to clean up athletic competitions. The BADC’s motto is “Clean Sports”, which is quite synonymous with the image cultivated by The Bahamas as its athletes compete against their peers on the greatest of world sports stages.

Now, the BADC is embarking upon a national program that will bring about a strong connection with the entire country. The initiative that is propelling this effort is a national art and essay contest. The promotion started several months ago and recently through its member responsible for education, Roscow Davies, the BADC began the push outside of New Providence.

I’m privileged to be the BADC’s member responsible for public relations and marketing and recently when Davies visited Grand Bahama I joined him on several radio live sessions.

It’s a tough task faced in getting the message of the contest out to the entire country and soliciting partners to best capitalize on the program. Davies has been networking with the Ministry of Education because the various schools throughout the land collectively form the foundation for the contest.

“We believe that once the youth of the nation have a clear understanding of what the BADC’s role is, the concept will filter through to their parents, guardians, teachers and everybody connected to them as they move along on their athletic journeys. The idea is for them to have knowledge of the anti-doping worldwide program, so that when they get to other levels in their careers, inside and outside of the country, they will know what to expect and how to maintain an awareness of the BADC, other like organizations and the “Clean Sports” perspective,” said Davies.

The contest itself, will serve to lead the educational process for the youth of the nation. Through art, essays and photography, the students have been invited to best depict the concept of “Clean Sports” and submit their creations. Prizes galore will go to the winners and other exceptional finalists in the various categories. The contest will also allow bragging rights to the schools with successful students.

Applications can be obtained by visiting the BADC’s website; at schools throughout the communities in all of the islands; and radio stations. The deadline for submission of entries is November 28.

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