How are Anti-Doping Violations and Disciplinary Matters handled?

  • Where it appears that there has been an Anti-Doping Rules violation, the BADC shall refer the matter to The Bahamas Anti-Doping Disciplinary Panel, for adjudication as to whether a violation has occurred and if so to determine what consequences should be imposed.
  • The Panel has the power to hear and determine all issues arising from any matter that is referred to it by the BADC. This includes the power to impose sanctions.
  • An Athlete or any other Support Personnel may forego a hearing by waiving the right to a hearing in writing, acknowledging the violation and accepting the sanction as outlined in the Rules.
  • All hearings are to be completed expeditiously and the process should not exceed three (3) months from the time the violation was identified, unless exceptional circumstances apply.
  • Decisions of The Bahamas Anti-Doping Disciplinary Panel may be appealed as follows:

For International Level Athletes the decision may be appealed exclusively to the Court of Arbitration for Sports.

For National Level Athletes the decision may be appealed to The Bahamas Anti-Doping Appeals Tribunal.

Keith Thompson

Disciplinary Panel Chairman

A graduate of Middlesex University in London and Norman Manley Law School, Mr. Thompson was called to the Bahamas Bar on October 25, 1996. He is currently a lecturer at both the University of the Bahamas and University of the West Indies Open Campus focusing on Business Law, Employment Law and Law for H.R. Managers. He also sits as a Justice of the Supreme Court. A former track and field athlete, soccer and basketball player.