Athlete Appeals of Disciplinary Panel Rulings

Establishment of Anti-Doping Appeals Tribunal.

1. For the purposes of an appeal under section 23, there is established an Appeals Tribunal to be known as “The Bahamas Anti-Doping Appeals Tribunal” constituted in accordance with the Third Schedule.
2. The functions of the Appeals Tribunal shall be –

to hear and determine issues arising from a decision of the Disciplinary Panel
that an Anti-Doping Rules violation was or was not committed;
Imposing consequences of an Anti-Doping Rules violation;
that an anti-doping organization lacks jurisdiction to rule on an Anti Doping Rules violation or consequences of an Anti- Doping Rules violation;
to impose a provisional suspension as a result of a provisional hearing;
to determine the consequences of an Anti-Doping Rules violation to be imposed;
to perform any other functions that are conferred or imposed on the Appeals Tribunal by virtue of this Act.
3. The Appeals Tribunal shall, on the lodging of an appeal—

within twenty-one days of lodging, receive, hear and examine the evidence relating to the appeal;
within thirty days of the date of lodging, issue written reasons for the decision.
4. An appeal shall not in its entirety exceed three months except in extenuating circumstances.

For International Athletes
Where an appeal is in respect of an international event or a case involving an international-level athlete, the decision of the Disciplinary Panel may be appealed directly to the Court of Arbitration.