Honourable Michael Pintard, M.P.

Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture

The Government of The Bahamas is extremely proud of our nation’s record of achieving athletic excellence on the global stage. The Bahamas has been impacted, perhaps more than any other by persons who cheated in sports.

The Bahamas has signed onto The World Anti-Doping Code in our demonstration of support for the international fight against doping in sport. The Code has as its objective the implementation of effective doping control programs in order to prevent, deter, detect and legally punish individuals for using or providing performance-enhancing substances, which are banned under the Code.

We fully support the efforts of The Commission to implement the Code and to further deliver programmes for the purpose of educating members of the general public, athletes, parents, and support personnel about doping matters, including health and competition consequences, ethical values in sport, the rights and responsibilities of athletes, and information on nutritional supplements all critical for young people in our country.