How are Anti-Doping Violations and Disciplinary Matters handled?

  • Where it appears that there has been an Anti-Doping Rules violation, the BADC shall refer the matter to The Bahamas Anti-Doping Disciplinary Panel, for adjudication as to whether a violation has occurred and if so to determine what consequences should be imposed.
  • The Panel has the power to hear and determine all issues arising from any matter that is referred to it by the BADC. This includes the power to impose sanctions.
  • An Athlete or any other Support Personnel may forego a hearing by waiving the right to a hearing in writing, acknowledging the violation and accepting the sanction as outlined in the Rules.
  • All hearings are to be completed expeditiously and the process should not exceed three (3) months from the time the violation was identified, unless exceptional circumstances apply.
  • Decisions of The Bahamas Anti-Doping Disciplinary Panel may be appealed as follows:

For International Level Athletes the decision may be appealed exclusively to the Court of Arbitration for Sports.

For National Level Athletes the decision may be appealed to The Bahamas Anti-Doping Appeals Tribunal.