Your urine and/or blood can be collected anytime and anywhere for testing.

From the time of notification to the end of the doping control process, you will be accompanied at all times.


Step 1: 

  • You will choose a collection vessel from the selections provided
  • A minimum amount of 90mL of urine and/or up to 16mL of blood will need to be provided

Step 2: 

  • A DCO or Chaperone of the same gender will escort you to the toilet
  • You will disrobe from knees to navel and from hands to elbow to provide an unobstructed view of the passing of the urine sample
  • The DCO or Chaperone of the same gender will observe the urine leaving your body

Step 3: 

  • Choose a sample collection kit from the selections provided
  • Split the urine sample in the A and B bottles
  • Pour urine up to the line in the B bottle first
  • Next, fill the A bottle and leave a small portion in the collection vessel

Step 4: 

  • Seal both A and B bottles

Step 5: 

  • The DCO will measure specific gravity of the sample to ensure it is not too difficult to analyze
  • If it is too dilute, you may be required to provide additional samples

Step 6: 

  • You will complete the Doping Control Form by:
    • Providing personal information
    • Noting any substances you may be taking like prescription medication, over the counter medication or supplements. Please note if you have a TUE here.
    • Noting any comments or concerns, if you have any, about the doping control process
    • Confirming the information, recorded numbers and sample code are correct
    • Signing and receiving your copy of the Doping Control Form

Step 7: 

  • Samples are sent to a WADA accredited lab in STRICT confidentiality
  • The lab will send the results to BADC and WADA


If a minor (under the age of 18) is tested, BADC policies require that he or she be accompanied by an athlete representative at all times during the sample collection procedure, including the washroom area. The representative will not witness the passing of the sample but will witness the observing DCO or chaperone.