The Bahamas Anti-Doping Therapeutic Use Exemption Committee (BADTUEC)

Receive and examine applications from national-level athletes for Therapeutic Use Exemption Certificates;
Grant Therapeutic Use Exemption Certificates;
Revoke Therapeutic Use Certificates;
Perform any other functions that are conferred or imposed on it by the Act.

The Committee shall consist of six (6) duly qualified medical practitioners. Each appointment shall be evidenced by an instrument in writing, stating the period of office, which should not exceed three (3) years.
A Chairman of this Committee shall be appointed by the Commission.
Members may be eligible for re-appointment.

Where any member of the BADTUEC is connected with an athlete (having regard to their familial, business or other relationship) or has an interest in any national sporting organization or international sporting federation, such a member is excluded from considering any application for Therapeutic Use Exemption from that athlete or, as the case may be, any athlete who is a member or participant in a sporting event organized or sanctioned by the international sporting federation or national sporting organization in which he has an interest.