As an athlete, you may have an illness or condition that requires a particular medication. If this medication appears on the Prohibited List, you may be a granted a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) which gives you permission to take it.


TUE’s ensure that you are able to obtain treatment for a legitimate medical condition even if that treatment requires a prohibited substance or method.
(The TUE process avoids the risk of sanctions due to a positive test)

Any athlete who may be subject to doping control must request a TUE before taking a prohibited medication. All information in this request remains strictly confidential.

An application must be made at least 30 days before taking part in an event. In exceptional cases or true emergencies, a TUE may be approved retroactively.

The Bahamas Anti-Doping Therapeutic Use Exemption Committee (BADTUEC)


  • Receive and examine applications from national-level athletes for Therapeutic Use
  • Exemption Certificates;
  • Grant Therapeutic Use Exemption Certificates;
  • Revoke Therapeutic Use Certificates;
  • Perform any other functions that are conferred or imposed on it by the Act.



The Committee shall consist of six (6) duly qualified medical practitioners. Each appointment shall be evidenced by an instrument in writing, stating the period of office, which should not exceed three (3) years.
A Chairman of this Committee shall be appointed by the Commission.
Members may be eligible for re-appointment.


Where any member of the BADTUEC is connected with an athlete (having regard to their familial, business or other relationship) or has an interest in any national sporting organization or international sporting federation, such a member is excluded from considering any application for Therapeutic Use Exemption from that athlete or, as the case may be, any athlete who is a member or participant in a sporting event organized or sanctioned by the international sporting federation or national sporting organization in which he has an interest.

Dr. Kathryn de Souza

TUE Chairwoman

Dr. Kathryn de Souza is a Physiatrist (Doctor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation) with US board certification in both Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation as well as Sports Medicine. After graduating from Middlebury College, she attended New York Medical College, receiving her medical degree in 1992. She completed her medical training at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center in New York, where she was Chief Resident. She currently works in private practice at Doctors Hospital West and is the Clinical Director for Rehabilitation Services at Doctors Hospital. Dr. de Souza is a competitive marathon runner and rows with the Nassau Rowing Club, where she serves as Vice President of the Board. She is also a board member of the Bahamas Humane Society. She has been the Chairperson of the Therapeutic Use Exemption Committee for the Bahamas Anti-Doping Commission since its inception.

The TUE Process

Step 1
Complete TUE form via ADAMS after requesting from your relevant ADO.

BADC Office, 2nd Floor
Betty Kelly-Kenning Aquatic Centre
Thompson Blvd.
P. O. Box SPO-63814
New Providence, Bahamas

Telephone or Fax:
Local: 242-325-2632/3;
Fax: 242-325-2634
Vibe: 242-225-8781 or 305-722-3329


Step 2
Print off the completed TUE form ADAMS and have your physician fill out relevant sections and sign where indicated. Ensure to gather all required documents (doctor’s notes, diagnosis, medication listing)

Step 3

Send completed form and required documents to your ADO for processing. Please be advised that ORIGINAL copies are required with signatures when submitting required supporting documents for your Therapeutic Use Exemption.

For athletes and doctors abroad submitting TUEs and required documents, please contact the office at 242-325-2632 or email

Step 4
Once a TUE is requested, a panel of experts selected by the ADO reviews your request and will grant a TUE if;

  • Your health will be significantly impaired if you do not take the substance.
  • The substance does not enhance your performance beyond what brings you back to normal health.
  • There are no alternative treatments available.

Step 5
The ADO advises if you can take the medication or not. In the case of denied request, you will be informed of the reasons. You have the right to appeal the decision.

TUE Form

To download TUE Form, please click here.

Who do I contact/ where do I return my form?

National level athletes:
National Anti Doping Organization (NADO), such as Bahamas Anti Doping Commission

Commission (BADC) International-level athletes:
International Federation (IF)


BADC Office, 2nd Floor
Betty Kelly-Kenning Aquatic Centre
Thompson Blvd.
P. O. Box SPO-63814
New Providence, Bahamas

Telephone or Fax:
Local: 242-325-2632/3;
Fax: 242-325-2634
Vibe: 242-225-8781 or 305-722-3329


TUE tips during Doping Control.

  • Declare the approved medication on your Doping Control Form.
  • Specify that a TUE has been granted.
  • Show a copy of the TUE approval/certificate to the doping control officer