Friday, 26th October, 2018

BAHAMAS, Nassau – Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture, Min. Lanisha T. Rolle hosted another introductory luncheon for the chairman and deputy chairman of the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture’s boards and committees at the Hilton Hotel, Bay Street. The boards and committees that were invited to meet with Minister Rolle were the Bahamas Anti-Doping Commission, the Boxing Commission, the National Art Gallery Board, the National Sports Authority, the National Junkanoo Committee and the Youth Advisory Counsel.

October 16th, 2018

UNIVERSITY Athletics, in conjunction with the Bahamas Anti-Doping Commission (BADC), hosted an anti-doping seminar for student-athletes at the Michael Eldon Complex on October 11.

#Petra Haven, executive director of the BADC, and her team informed the student-athletes about the substances on the prohibited lists, how tests are conducted, doping control and how athletes can assist in fighting doping in sports. “I think the student-athletes got a clear understanding of what is doping and why it’s important to fight against it to keep sports clean,” said UB head athletics trainer Sasha Johnson. “A violation is more than just taking a prohibited substance. It’s refusing a test, or having a prohibited substance and even giving someone else a prohibited substance. I’m glad our student-athletes got to learn about how far-reaching doping is in sports and how to fight it.”

#The BADC, which is an independent body, promotes, coordinates and monitors the fight against doping in all sports in the country. The student-athletes also heard about how it is possible to actually take a prohibited substance with a therapeutic use exception or TUE. Sometimes athletes can use a prohibited substance for a legitimate medical reason and the commission can grant these exceptions. “These are rare but it’s important they know how to get this exception if they are sick,” Johnson added. “And even more important is the procedure to get this exception because it is not simply a case of having a doctor say it’s ok, there is a procedure.”

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July 13th, 2018

Over the course of the Athletics Nationals held at the old Thomas A. Robinson stadium on June 22 and 23, 2018, BADC’s Doping Control team conducted a series tests on our national athletes.

July 11th, 2018

Petra Haven, BADC Executive Director, and Christopher Thompson, DCO & Education Coordinator, attended the University of the Bahamas Summer Sports Camp on July 11, 2018 to speak about the importance of Clean Sports and basic knowledge on the doping control process. The attending students ranged in age from 7 – 13.

As part of BADC’s educational program, it is key that we touch kids, our future athletes and representatives of the Bahamian flag, this early so they have a better understanding of why doping is bad, how it affects the entire nation and the support system put in place to protect the athlete rights.