Petra Haven

Executive Director

As Executive Director of the Bahamas Anti-Doping Commission, Petra Haven brings a wealth of experience amassed over a decade in management and marketing roles.

Petra embarked on her professional journey as the President of The Student Programming Council at Florida International University, where she held comprehensive responsibilities for orchestrating and supervising all campus events. Following the successful completion of her Bachelor of Arts degree in Marketing, complemented by a Minor in Dance, she returned to the Bahamas to further her career. At the esteemed Atlantis Resort, Petra assumed the role of Support Manager for the Guest Activities division, leading a dedicated team. After a commendable three-year tenure, Ms. Haven transitioned to a pivotal role within the development team at the exclusive Baha Mar Resort. In her capacity as Marketing Manager, her purview extended to overseeing the Community Relations and Corporate Sponsorship and Alliances divisions. A particular focus of her responsibilities was establishing and nurturing partnerships between Baha Mar and professional basketball teams such as the Miami Heat and the Orlando Magic.

Petra's distinguished career trajectory culminated in the establishment of her boutique management firm, Chameleon Management Group, where she serves as the Chief Executive Officer. Under her visionary leadership, Chameleon Management Group has garnered distinction for its prowess in brand development within The Bahamas, expanding its portfolio to encompass a diverse range of sectors, including musical talent, culinary enterprises, and real estate agencies, among others. Concurrently, Petra has fostered a profound connection to the world of sports. Her early years were marked by competitive swimming, with notable participation in numerous national swim meets. Furthermore, her passion for competitive dance led to her securing medals in various Florida state competitions during her college years. Presently, Petra devotes her weekends to imparting dance skills to toddlers and teenagers, boasting over a decade of experience as an instructor and choreographer.

With unwavering commitment, Petra eagerly anticipates the opportunity to uphold the Bahamas Anti-Doping Commission's vital mission of promoting clean sports and educating the broader population about the critical importance of maintaining integrity in sports.