Tribute to the Late Dr. Patrick Roberts

As we bid farewell to a giant of a man in the Sports, Anti-Doping and Medical fields, persons pay homage and tribute to the life of Dr. Patrick Roberts. The Bahamas Anti-Doping Commission sends its sympathies and condolences to the family of Dr. Roberts, especially his wife Jodell and daughters Raine and Patricia. We send our love and prayers for healing during this difficult time.

Dr. Roberts was integral in the creation of Anti-Doping in the Bahamas; building the foundation through compiling necessary and relevant information and liaising with members of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). We tip our hats to his dedication to “Clean Sports”. Dr. Roberts and his efforts will forever be remembered in our minds and hearts.

Tribute to Dr. Patrick Roberts

By Jerome Lightbourne, MD
BADC Chairman & CEO

The Bahamas Anti-Doping Commission (BADC) is deeply saddened and mourns the passing of Dr. Patrick Roberts on June 6, 2020. He was one of our own, a colleague and fellow Board Member. He was devoutly religious and assumed the role of Chaplain, opening each and every session with a prayer of hope and guidance.

Dr. Roberts was a longstanding member of the Anti-Doping movement and integral in it’s success in the Bahamas; traveling with many teams internationally and recently serving on the BADC board. He was admired, respected, always pleasant and could fill a room with his presence. Dr. Roberts, may you rest in peace and confidence knowing that you have done your duty and can now live in the glory of God.

Tribute to a True Sportsman

Dr. Patrick “Patti” Roberts
by Roscow A.L. Davies
BADC Board Member

I have had the privilege and pleasure of knowing him and serving the sporting community with him for sixty plus years.

Our first contact was as students at The Government High School on Nassau Court during the 1950’s. Later, while serving as the Chef de Mission for many of the Bahamas Olympic Association’s Olympic, PanAm and Commonwealth Games events around the world, Dr. Roberts served with distinction as the delegation’s doctor.

Recognition must also be given to his service to “Clean Sports” as a member of the Bahamas AntiDoping Commission. Patrick will be remembered for his dedication and personal sacrifices, as he did his best to encourage and support athletes, coaches and other sporting entities to be at their best in pursuit of their goals.

May his soul rest in peace.

A Tribute to my Uncle Pat

by Pauline Davis-Thompson
Bahamian Olympian and Gold Medallist
BADC Board Member

I am very proud of the work that Dr. Roberts has done on behalf of Anti-Doping and Sports for our great Bahama Land. He touched so many of our great Bahamian Athletes lives in a very special way.

Personally, he was my Pediatrician and my Primary Care Doctor but most importantly he was my Uncle Pat. I will miss him.

So thankful that God blessed me with such amazing angel who played a big role in my life, to help me to become who I am.

Take you rest Uncle Pat I love you but Jesus loves you best.


Tribute to the late Dr. Patrick Roberts

by Dr. Adrian Lorde
National Anti-Doping Commission of Barbados

It is with sadness that I learned of the passing of a friend and colleague Dr. Patrick Roberts. Like myself, he was heavily involved with the Bahamas Olympic Committee as a sports physician, and was one of the pioneers in anti-doping, having served on the Bahamas Anti-Doping Commission at various times. He was well respected internationally in both sports medicine and anti-doping circles.

We had many interesting discussions on various topics and in various locations when we met. Dr. Roberts was always a humble, respectful, thoughtful gentleman, and a humanitarian. The Bahamas has lost a giant in sports medicine and anti-doping.

On behalf of the National Anti-Doping Commission of Barbados, my anti-doping colleagues in the Caribbean and elsewhere, I would like to express to his wife, daughters and other relatives, our condolences at this time. May he rest in peace, and a suitable memorial be placed so that his efforts in the Bahamas be forever remembered.

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