BADC attends Sports Administrator’s Meeting on the Sports Policy

November 8, 2023

In a pivotal moment for the sports community, Petra Haven, the Executive Director of the Bahamas Anti-Doping Commission (BADC), took center stage at the Sport’s Administrators Meeting and Reception on November 8, 2023. Hosted by the Ministry of Youth, Sports, and Culture, the event aimed to address critical updates to the current sports policy, with a particular focus on the integration of anti-doping measures. Petra, an esteemed figure in the realm of anti-doping initiatives, was invited as a speaker to shed light on BADC’s role and strategies in collaboration with sports federations.

During her presentation, Petra Haven provided a comprehensive overview of BADC’s mission and emphasized the commission’s commitment to working closely with sports federations to achieve common goals. She outlined the practical aspects of BADC’s involvement, including the implementation of doping tests at sporting events and the facilitation of educational sessions. Petra’s address underscored the importance of a united front against doping in sports and highlighted the proactive stance that BADC intends to take in the upcoming year. As the event concluded, optimism filled the room as Petra expressed BADC’s eagerness to forge strong partnerships with all federations in preparation for the sporting endeavours of 2024.

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