BADC Educates T-Bird Flyers’ Junior Athletes on Doping Control

April 9, 2024

Location: Thomas A. Robinson Stadium, Nassau, The Bahamas

In an effort to instill integrity and fair play within the sporting community, Petra Haven, the Executive Director of the Bahamas Anti-Doping Commission, spearheaded an enlightening educational session at the historic Thomas A. Robinson Stadium. The session, held on April 9, 2024, brought together members of the T-Bird Flyers track club, comprising junior athletes eager to deepen their understanding of doping control regulations.

The session proved to be a dynamic exchange of knowledge and insights, as Haven provided the young athletes with essential information regarding doping in sports. Among the topics discussed were the definition of doping, its consequences, Therapeutic Use Exemptions (TUEs), athlete rights and responsibilities, and the doping control process.

One of the highlights of the session was the active participation of the junior athletes, who posed engaging questions and expressed genuine interest in maintaining clean and ethical competition. The interaction fostered a deeper understanding of the importance of fair play and the detrimental effects of doping not only on individual athletes but also on the integrity of sports as a whole.

Furthermore, the event benefited from the firsthand experiences shared by coaches, with particular emphasis on the insights provided by senior athlete and coach Samson Colebrooke. His real-life anecdotes underscored the significance of adherence to anti-doping protocols and the role of coaches in guiding athletes towards ethical practices.

Petra Haven expressed her satisfaction with the enthusiasm displayed by the T-Bird Flyers track club, emphasizing the crucial role of education in combating doping in sports. She highlighted the importance of nurturing a culture of integrity and transparency within sporting communities, ensuring a level playing field for all athletes.

The educational session hosted by the Bahamas Anti-Doping Commission stands as a testament to the commitment towards promoting clean and fair competition in sports, empowering the next generation of athletes to compete with honor and integrity. Through continued efforts in education and awareness, initiatives like these aim to safeguard the principles of fair play and uphold the spirit of true sportsmanship.


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