Bahamas Anti-Doping Commission Hosts Interactive Session with Bahamas Football Association

February 19, 2024

In a lively and informative event, Petra Haven, the Executive Director of the Bahamas Anti-Doping Commission, alongside Dominic Laing, Doping Control Manager, spearheaded an engaging educational session with athletes, parents, and coaches from the Bahamas Football Association.

The event, held at the Andre Rodgers Basebell Stadium, buzzed with excitement as attendees gathered to learn about the nuances of doping, doping control procedures, Therapeutic Use Exemptions (TUEs), and much more. Haven and Laing brought a refreshing approach, blending humor with education to keep everyone hooked.

“We wanted to make this session not just informative but fun and interactive,” Haven remarked with a grin. “It’s crucial for athletes and their support systems to understand the importance of clean sports and the consequences of doping. Education is our strongest weapon against doping. By empowering athletes, parents, and coaches with knowledge, we are safeguarding the future of Bahamian sports.”

Throughout the session, participants eagerly participated in quizzes, discussions, and role-playing activities, deepening their understanding of anti-doping protocols. Prizes were given to add an extra layer of excitement, with cheers erupting each time a winner was announced.

“It’s fantastic to see such enthusiasm from everyone,” exclaimed Laing as he handed out prizes to delighted attendees. “This kind of engagement fosters a culture of clean competition and ensures that our athletes compete on a level playing field.”

As the event concluded, Haven expressed her gratitude to the Bahamas Football Association for their collaboration and reiterated the Commission’s commitment to supporting athletes in their journey towards fair and drug-free sports.

With smiles all around and newfound knowledge in their arsenal, athletes, parents, and coaches left the session energized and motivated to uphold the principles of clean sportsmanship in the Bahamas Football Association and beyond.

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