Haven & Coverley Complete ITA Clean Sport Educator Training with Honors

June 21, 2024

In a thrilling development for the anti-doping community, Executive Director Petra Haven and Lead Doping Control Officer Lavaldo Coverley have completed the prestigious International Testing Agency’s
(ITA) International Clean Sport Educator Program with top honors. The 12-week course, renowned for its rigorous curriculum, equips participants with the skills and knowledge to advocate for clean sport through education.

Petra Haven, a long-time champion of clean sports, has tirelessly promoted prevention through education. Her passion for clean sport is evident in the enthusiasm with which she delivers sessions to athletes, parents, and executives. Haven believes that educating stakeholders at all levels is the key to fostering a culture of integrity in sports.

Lavaldo Coverley, a stalwart in the anti-doping field for over a decade, has been instrumental in the northern Bahamas. His notable role as a doping control officer at the Tokyo Olympics underscores his commitment to fair play. Coverley’s experience and dedication were crucial in his successful completion of the program.

The ITA International Clean Sport Educator Program is a comprehensive training course that offers international-level certification. It includes six self-paced online learning modules and live virtual sessions with ITA experts. Participants also gain hands-on experience by preparing various video projects, which are essential for practical learning and peer review.

Enrolment in the program requires a solid background in sports-related fields, proficiency in English, and a passion for promoting clean sport. Both Haven and Coverley exceeded these requirements, bringing a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to the table.

Their success in the program is a significant achievement not only for them but also for the broader sports community they serve. As certified Clean Sport Educators, Haven and Coverley are now even better equipped to inspire and educate others about the importance of maintaining integrity in sports.

The Bahamas Anti-Doping Commission not only congratulates Haven and Coverley but thanks them for their dedicated service.

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